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I wanted to start out with a book that featured two of my favorite things. Steampunk and Zombies. If those two words alone don’t make you pick up the book already then….you have an issuse. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest is set in Seattle in the late 1800s. The Russians have a contest for inventors to help make a machine that can access gold buried under ice. Well all the machines that they see don’t work. Leviticus Blue, an inventor from seattle, he creates the Boneshaker. He test the machine to early and destorys Seattle, not all of it just some of it. This causes this heavy, yellowish, brownish fog  to come up from the ground that truns people in to zombies, well not really zombies since I guess they don’t die and you kind of have to be dead to becaome a zombie. So would make them the living dead or undead? Hmmm….but that aside it turns people into Rotters, which is what they’re called in the story. So by this point the build the wall to contain the Blight, which is the yellow gas, and the Rotters.

Fast foward 16 years and we have Briar Wilkes and her very stupid son Ezekiel or Zeke for short. Zeke decides that “Hey my father was a good man. You are wrong and I am going to prove it!” He decides to take his stupid behind into the city that’s walled up and that he’ll be back in time for dinner. Yeah, likes that is really going to happen. So Zeke (dumb) goes into the city and Briar (dumber) decides to go after him, which to some may be a noble action but I find it to be totally and completely stupid. So the rest of the story is basiclly Briar trying to find Zeke, with a few twist and turns here and there.

I really liked the book. I thought that Priest did a very good job telling the story. There were some places were the wording was a bit awkward and I’m stll unsure of what Briar and Zeke look like. She tells me what their hair looks like, how they’re built, but I don’t know what color eyes are or what skin color they are. At one point in the book Zeke said “You don’t even know the color her eyes are, ” and in my head I thought I don’t even know what color her eyes are! Unless I skipped it, it wasn’t in there. This book actually got me back to reading because I hadn’t been reading in a few months, okay maybe a lot of months, but this all and all was a really enjoyable and fun book to read. It’s not the best book in the world, but I recommend that if you like steampunk, zombies pick it up and read it.



Hi, I’m Madam Steam and I will be starting my blog off with a book review of Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.